Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

With motto 'preparation is salvation' UPSC gives unlimited attempts to Civil Services aspirants

18, Oct 2015 By rocky

In a relief to students, parents, grandparents across the nation, UPSC has given unlimited no. of attempts to aspirants. Statement released by UPSC stated that committees were frustrated with the demands of aspirants and thus they were giving chance to the entire family to prepare for the exams together.

As a developing country with limited opportunities, aspirants finds time of preparation very beneficial for their spiritual and intellectual growth. So, accordingly UPSC also added the motto ‘preparation is salvation’ and members are also contemplating to write philosophical theory and contribute to ever evolving philosophies propounded by Indians in ancient times.

Mr. Ramlal who appeared last time in examination 23 years ago was very happy with this decision and while reminiscing his preparation days turned emotional, and now he is thinking of resigning from his job and start preparing with his son who graduated last year and hence pursue his dream again.

Sources inside the bureaucracy came to know that many IAS,IPS officers are also thinking of plunging into preparation mode again as one of the officer said, “While preparing we at least had hope of doing something great for society, but here system is all different. So it’s better to die while preparing then to work under inept ministers.”