Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Wintriness beaten with kind commuters

18, Jan 2018 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The roadways bus ride was not comfortable, but it used to be a cheaper travel than other modes of transport running on the road. That’s why many of the commuters prefer the city bus for reaching their respective destinations. At least the plying of city buses on different routes definitely provides much ease to the common bus users.

Following a few minutes’ wait, the bus arrived and the few passengers got on. Entering into the bus interior it was realised that the passengers were far more than he had expected. First, he searched for little space to relax but it was not possible to find. One gentle commuter got up and offered the seat to him. It was certainly kind gesture. Though he initially requested him to remain on the seat his point was more courteous. He said, “Kar Bhala to Ho Bhala.

Sooner, as he expressed with the right intention, he got another vacant seat in the next row. He was correct in his utterance. He showed compassion which was almost immediately repaid to him. His fine gesticulation appeared good to other standing passengers. For a moment they thought of opening their mouth but only kept on staring at the man’s head. They imagined that such kind individuals are still found in this mad, modern world.

In this situation, there was no need to look beyond the bus window. The inside atmosphere was so genial as it was helping the passengers to relax with the wheels’ rhythm. The feel of the cool temperature outside was forcibly lingering into the bus. The passengers were getting down and boarding but they were not feeling roughness. They were somewhat enjoying the slow movement as the bus was beating its onward path to the main Mall Road in the city with a gentle ride.