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Winter strikes Delhi, man critical after holding pee for too long

24, Dec 2013 By Anil Sharma

Delhi, on Tuesday, continued to reel under a severe cold wave as a 23-year-old student named Aalsi Prasad found himself struggling for life at a private nursing home for holding pee for too long.

Just do it.

New Delhi has been under the grip of a cold wave for the past few days but this is the first winter-caused-accident reported this year.

According to hospital authorities, Aalsi Prasad was admitted in the hospital late night yesterday and was in a very critical condition.

“He was quite serious when his roommate first brought him here but thankfully he is recovering fast now. We needed to empty his bladder as it was fully stretched and full of bacteria generating toxins. So, we made him drink a lot of sugarcane juice,” Doctor Sanjeev Singh talked about his medical conditions.

Although Aalsi Prasad was not happy drinking the juice, and was annoyed by the doctors’ behaviour. He said, “I told them to get me some beer but they won’t listen. We all know beer makes you pee better than sugarcane juice.”

According to Aalsi Prasad’s roommate Raghu it all happened because of the shivering weather of New Delhi.

“Last night it was too cold and we both decided to hide under the blanket as soon as we gobbled the incredibly cold mess food. The chapati was as usual as hard as Dr. Harshvardhan’s luck. So, a piece of bread got stuck in Aalsi’s throat and he drank a lot of water to swallow it. And that’s when the problem started,” Raghu told Faking News.

“He felt like peeing as soon as he went to the bed. Though he went to the toilet twice in 5 minutes but it wasn’t enough. His nervous bladder was not helping out so he decided to fight the urge of peeing and got himself blanketed no matter what,” Raghu added.

“We never knew that missing natures’ calls can be as dangerous as missing your wife’s calls,” Raghu said sighing.

Aalsi Prasad, on the other hand, is quite happy to survive the incident.

“It wasn’t my laziness, I attended the first two calls, I even washed my hands after peeing. Look, my last  two tweets last night were ‘OMG, gotta pee, BRB & OMG, gotta pee again, BRB’. Although I think it was a lesson for me and I’ve learned it quite well. From now on I’ll not drink a single drop of water,” Aalsi said.

On the other hand, according to our reliable sources, Maharashtra’s deputy CM and Sharad Pawar’s nephew Ajit Pawar is trying to contact Aalsi Prasad.

According to the source Ajit Pawar has stated, “A talent like Aalsi Prasad should not waste his life in Delhi. Mumbai city and it’s dams need him more.”