Sunday, 18th March, 2018

Win-win situation for H1B holders and Trump?

03, Feb 2017 By Ashish P

Trump as we all know is a deal maker and Indian IT heads have been working overtime working on striking a deal with him over the H1B saga. Sources close to NASSCOM believe they have been mulling over the idea of striking a deal with Trump where the current H1B norms for Indian IT professionals remain unchanged while agreeing to pay the US for the proposed wall with Mexico.

The proposal seems to be something to the effect of a ‘Wall cess’ which every H1B holder, if not every non-immigrant visa holder will pay which will finance the building of the wall with Mexico. A win-win situation for everyone? Will have to wait and find out when the head honchos of the tech bigwigs head to Washington later this month and meet with US lawmakers!