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Wife posts pictures of husband’s old towels on OLX; gets overwhelmed responses from the buyers

17, Mar 2015 By kavity

Mumbai. A Kalina wife, who was increasingly miffed with her husband’s old, heavy and yellowing towels, decided to throw them away for good. However, the marketing efforts by OLX made her stop and think – if anything can sell on OLX, why not these towels.

The lady in question, when speaking to this reporter, said, “I am a patient wife, in fact much more patient than an average Indian wife. I do not complain against my husband’s snoring, his dirty shoes, or the puddle of water he leaves near the wash basin every time he comes out of a bath. But, these towels? These towels are the ugliest things one could have encountered in a normal Indian household. Large and heavy, they take at least 3 days to dry during Mumbai monsoons. And they have started turning into a permanently dirty yellow-brown color. I advised my husband, both affectionately and strictly, that these towels need to go. But, he seems too attached to them, to listen to me.”

Husband's old towels
Husband’s old towels

She goes on to say, “Out of frustration, three days ago, I decided to throw all of them into the society dustbin. But when I saw an OLX advertisement on TV that claimed that anything could be sold on OLX; I thought it would be good fun to challenge their claim. So, I clicked a few pictures of the towels and posted an ad on OLX.”

But, a practical joke became one of the most sensational items ever advertised on OLX. The lady started getting hit with a barrage of calls 2 minutes after the advertisement was posted. Initially, she thought these were prank calls and tried avoiding them, only to be told by one ‘prospective buyer’, “Madam, try to understand. This is the exact type, length and thickness of towel I have aspired for, my whole life. Just tell me when and where, and I will come over and pay you in cash. Can’t you hear the desperation in my pleading voice?” She relented and texted him the address. He did not bargain on the price of the towel which she had kept at a reasonable Rs. 100 per towel. But, the minute she cut the call, another buyer called her. When she tried explaining to him that the transaction was complete, he started sobbing. “Don’t do this to me ma’am. I want those towels very badly. You have mentioned a price of Rs. 100 per towel. I will double the price. Please sell them to me.” Now, greed having overtaken the need to sell them, she messaged him the address and sent a regret SMS to the first prospect about the sale not happening. But, this went on and on and on, till a point when she started questioning whether she had done the right thing by trying to sell these priceless towels.

“Perhaps, my husband’s attachment isn’t misplaced. I have decided to retain the towels for now, OLX has helped me realize the value of these golden possessions,” she finishes with a satisfied smile. OLX spokespersons were unavailable for comment.