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Wife asks husband to apologize for school-time crushes

24, Jan 2014 By thepelicanclub

Close on the heels of Kumar Vishwas’s apology to offensive remarks made years ago as a performer, a Delhi based Aam husband is facing the ire of his Aam wife.

“Blah Blah Blah”

Mrs. Aarti Dasgupta has reportedly accused her husband, Mr. Deep Dasgupta of adutry on grounds of alleged past relationships. According to mutual friends, the Dasguptas have been a facebook-worthy modern ideal couple for as long as facebook became popular in india they can remember.

The trouble started when Aarti visited her in-laws place last weekend and reportedly saw Deep’s incriminating pictures from his school days  as part of “my son has been bright student from nursery days” guided photo tour by Deep’s proud mother. Little did Mrs. Dasgupta (Sr.) know that the tour will bring his son’s marital life.

Aarti’s friends informed that she has been in deep shock ever since then and broke down few times while sharing what she saw with her friends.

Aarti shuddered with fear and loathing while detailing out the photos that shook her to the core and made her call Deep as modern day Caligula.  The pictures allegedly showed Deep in compromising positions with other girls.

However, friends of Deep clarify that Deep was active participant in cultural activities like fancy dress and group dances and particularly fancied Lord Krishna’s role. In all such cultural pictures, Deep was accompanied by one or the other young lady from his class. All these pictures were nothing but innocent celebration of our great Indian culture.

Aarti meanwhile has refused to believe these alleged excuses by Deep and demanded an unconditional apology in writing to go with a gift that should be cause as much hurt to Deep’s wallet as much as the pictures have hurt Aarti. She has further demanded that this in no way can be considered as advanced-valentine’s day gift.

Deep explained his position to Faking News saying he does not even remember the names of his co-cultural participants and was shifted to an all boys school after fifth standard. And after taking admission into IIT, he hardly was in touch with female species of his age group before he met Aarti.

When he tried explaining this to Aarti and urged that she did not even know him in his primary school days, Aarti retorted back saying,” I am sure even if I was your girl friend then, you would still be fooling around in cultural programs!”

Friends close to Deep tell Faking News that eventually Deep has decided to apologize and buy an expensive watch for Aarthi by cancelling his tax-saving investments for the year. The only consolation in sight is extra set of pictures for the watch gift that the couple will be able to show-off  share with friends.