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Why "Tange Wala Tau" of MDH fame is worried in Delhi

27, Oct 2014 By khakshar

MDH’s  92 year old owner ,” Dharampal Gulati ” is a worried man. Many felt that the Diwali was incomplete without the “Subhkamnas” of  the “Tange Wala Tau” . It has happened for the first in umpteenth year that MDH- “Mahashian Di Hatti of Sialkot (Deggi Mirch wale)” owner  has not given his trademark blessings with both hand raised upwards. The FN sent correspondent @khakshar  to his Karol Bagh office in Delhi. He was hale and hearty.

He however confided his worries. The sudden spurt of French Spice Factories in Delhi had made left him spiceless , he said. With Lutyens’  Masala and spices hogging the limelight , the nonagenarian was aghast.

The match between Lutyens’  Masala and Spices is turning out to be an El-Classico. Though many old timers have different views.   The quality of Football between Spice Girls and Masala Right Winger  is not Spanish as in El-Classico , it is not even French as the name Lutyens’ would suggest.It seems that both posses the “Maidan”  fervor of Kolkata. Bengal’s love of Football will be more evident , if the Two twitter handles go silent during the match. It is ironical that the accounts were created when the man at the seat of Power in Lutyens’ is allergic to all kind of Masala and oils.

The love or lack of a  Famous Hack couple was also evident in the tweets of both. Very soon a third angle was added to the match by an Insider.  Fanning to the craze of French Sausage were umpteen Lutyens’ accounts . Even our editor Faker-in-Chief was bitten by the bug of French delicacy of croissants.

Breaking News- Pure Indian (More Sarson Maach Masala) enters the Spice War on Twiiter as Lutyens’Khabar…