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White and Blue "koto Sundar" Kolkata

14, Jun 2014 By khakshar

The kids who go to Government Schools are filled with joy in the “City of Joy”. For the first time the Children in private schools are jealous of them. The jealousy is not for the results in various boards, the level of education or the Mid -Day meal. It’s the uniform which the English Medium school going kids envy and the “Khokhas and Mays garba” (boy’s and girl’s) pride upon.  One should not forget that nearly all Government schools have a uniform of White and Blue.

Mrs. Mamta Banerjee had earlier stated that  “blue and white signifies happiness and the city looks bright ”. Taking a cue from Didi’s  preference of colors, The Kolkata Mayor Mr. Sovan Chatterjee has come out with a plan to make Kolkata look ‘White and Blue Only”. “We will allow full waiver of property tax for 2014-15 if anybody paints house or apartment building in white and sky blue, the theme color for Kolkata,” Mayor Sovan Chatterjee said.

“Giiiiimmick and Brilliiiiant ‘ were the words being heard at every street corner of Kolkata from Garia in south of the city to Kalyani in north.The stress of the poor English Vowel “I” was more stretched than “O” in Latin American Football commentary “GOOOAL” or home bred “RoooosoGollah”.  Of course one can know the political affiliation of anyone of highly political “Kolkata”  by the choice made between the two words.


Talking in the “Fort William Club” near the famous “Maidan” in Kolkata, the Mayor rubbished the charges of being a sycophant of  the West Bengal Chief Minister. Over “Chai and Muree” , Mr.Chatterji stated that Kolkata’s love of “White and Blue” started in 1978 when Argentina won the world cup first. He added that Kolkata had supported Maradona’s team in 1986 even more than Buenos Aires . The love for the  Argentinian Football team “also known as the Albicelestes (sky blue and whites)” is immense in the city , hence he chose the colors , he clarified. One should not forget how Bengalis take pride in their knowledge of the beautiful game. He explained to me that the Argentinian National football team was called “Albicelestes “. He also explained that that Football was named “The Beautiful Game” not by Pele or Garrincha but by Didi ( another Brazilian Footballer and 1958 world cup winner)

Only the Writers Building and Police head quarters will be left Red. Bengal’s love of arts and culture is well known. These two buildings are to left in order to pay homage to fall of one of last basttion of a political school of thought.