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WhatsApp puzzles to replace existing CAT question pattern

02, Nov 2013 By 0mar Abdullah

All IIMs directors have decided that WhatsApp Puzzles will replace existing CAT question pattern.

Not just for fun.
Not just for fun.

“India wants efficient and dynamic management professionals. So we’ve decided to change the CAT pattern with more challenging and interesting questions”, IIM-A Director said

WhatsApp is the most used app across all the mobiles. It makes SMS service obsolete. Youngsters are quite happy & satisfied with WhatsApp and its free as well.

When FN reporter asked one youngster how you are using WhatsApp to make it more effective in your daily life, youngster replied, “Yes, WhatsApp is very effective. I am utilizing it to do chat with my friends, sending news/info etc. And more importantly Puzzles. We love to solve puzzles and it increase our I.Q. Sometimes I even miss the lecture to solve the complete puzzle of WhatsApp. Sometimes I feel very bad if I couldn’t able to solve any single puzzle.”

“Earlier I used to study R.S. Agarwal and Shakuntala Devi to get more exposure to puzzles. But WhatsApp has changed our lifestyle in terms of increasing the I.Q. Daily frequency of puzzles which I received on WhatsApp is around 10 and I took very seriously. Earlier I used to solve 1 puzzle out of 10. Then I practiced very hard and now able to solve 7-8 puzzles. Sometimes I make puzzle also,” Another youngster said.

In reply to how WhatsApp puzzles will change the dynamics of management professionals, IIM-B Director said, “Yes, definitely. We did one survey and we found that today’s young generation is very serious and more importantly enjoying in solving the WhatsApp puzzles. As you know mobile handsets are now heart beat of these youngsters and it helped them to solve the puzzle even in class room, bus, toilet etc. Thus makes all puzzle books almost obsolete.”