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Whatsapp Ki Puja is novel rite

30, May 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Traditionally, if anything new begins, it is our tradition, to begin with some kind of prayer. This ritual is merely done to appease the gods. Though this practice is not against our practice, a prayer ritual (puja) is commonly hosted to honour and worship one or more deities and seek their spiritual sanctions. This is certainly an indigenous age-old system.

So far we used to perform the act of worshipping deities. This was usually a kind of religious service, especially regular one, at which people gather in order to pray together. There was a practice among the housewives who used to hold such kind of worship for invoking the god’s approval but with the computer age, every traditional ritual got replaced with the modern ways. And indisputably the modern service is the “Whatsapp Ki Puja” at home. The educated women are organising this novel service in order to appease the deities. That’s why we come upon a number of the fortune tellers on the TV. They advise us to do this and discard that like a divinity. Womenfolk easily inspired to hear them and do accordingly.

When the housewife sought permission for Whatsapp Ki Puja from her meek husband, he easily granted her permission to arrange this particular act of worship (puja) with the conventional method but the educated housewife was still looking unhappy with his prompt and immediate consent. She was as much disturbed as a contestant remains restless prior to the election results. Her face was expressive of the mental exasperation. Therefore, her husband did not miss even a second in asking the cause of the trouble. She said that she had invited every woman in her neighbourhood but she was still undecided on the distribution of Prasad, part of the food offered to the deity.

Light-heartedly the husband replied there was no problem in execution of this final rite. Anything can be suitably planned following our mutual understanding. He called her wife and advised to not to worry in the solemnity of the simple ritual.  As the women were turning up to attend this special sacred programme, so the easiest option was that you should distribute my mobile number to all the women as Prasad, a material substance of food that is a religious offering in the Hinduism.The mobile number has the solid and tangible presence too.