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What might happen in 2014

06, Jan 2014 By sachynn

So there have been a lot of memorable moments in 2013. Well, if last year is anything to go by, 2014 will be Crazy. Here is what 2014 could have in store for us!

New year, new hope.

1. Ravi Shastri Calling it a day – Considering the memorable year that the Indian cricket team has had, a certain Mr. Ravi Shastri would have made his 108 year old quotes at least 899364 times during this year. Another good performance by the Indian team in the next away series to New Zealand and you can be sure Ravi will lose his voice due to the unnecessary screaming and usage of moronic puns. (After which he can become a background singer for Usha Uthup)

2. Lounge Bars/Theaters to conduct screenings of Big Boss – Considering the stupendous success of Big Boss and the gross lack of stories/plot/sense in recent Hindi movies (read Dhoom 3), Theater owners are super keen on organizing screenings of Big Boss due to its popularity. Even Bar owners are quite open to this idea of screening this super popular family entertainment show, Mr. Shetty, owner of Bar named after his daughter was quoted as saying, “People anyway come to Bars and pick on the smallest of things to start a fight, we are offering them a bigger reason”. It is heard that after considering the dismal state of football/hockey in the country, even schools are organizing Big Boss training classes instead of sports lessons. Who would not want to be on TV ?

Even people from north Indian states are switching their allegiances to Big Boss. Jaspinder Singh was quoted as saying “Big Boss is amazing. Without Big Boss or Roadies me and my friends would just pointlessly drive around the streets of Chandigarh while listening to music that even our forefathers fail to understand. Due to Big Boss, we have something to do life”. Also, the timing of Big Boss is perfect as people are still getting over the last season of Roadies.

3. Sania Mirza becomes a spokesperson for Telebrands – Sania Mirza, India’s leading tennis player/Eternally Injured Sportswomen/Bean Bags Shops’ Brand Ambassador might finally realize the truth and give up on her career of trying to convince people that she indeed plays Tennis and is a sportswoman (LOL). Sania can easily try her hand at selling stuff no one would buy, on channels no one watches and still be unsuccessful (Like she has always been).

4. Engineering Guy Gives up on IIT due to Football World Cup –

Engineering students who started preparing for the IIT-JEE since they’ve been training for the big boy potty are likely to give up on their only dream – Getting Admitted in the IIT. Reason being the football World Cup. No, these are not your 20-something sports maniacs, these are brainy prodigies who would be watching the world cup for some other reason altogether.

  • Sounding cool in front of non-IIT aspiring friends (Humans).
  • The thrill and the adrenaline rush from staying up beyond 12.00AM and not studying. Who does not want to be an adrenaline junkie??
  • The world cup is going to be held in Brazil, the beauty on display in the stands will not be anything less than surfing websites most frequented by these students.

5. Rahul Gandhi to start his own Talk Show –

Considering how Rahul Gandhi, the original baba of Indian politics loves to speak his own Brain, it would not come as a shock if he decided to start his own talk show. This show would be generally aired on Nicklodeon and POGO. It would mainly cater to the age group from 2-3 years, because who else would want to learn about the things that Baba is good at

Things Like –

  • Making a fool of himself
  • Tying a shoe lace
  • Breaking a piece of chapati
  • Farting in public

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