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Western Railways officially approve fourth seat-sharing in First Class compartments

31, May 2015 By Swan

In what appears to be a major decision taken by Railways in its history, Western Railways have officially approved fourth seat sharing for passengers of the esteemed First Class Compartment.

A group of furious first class passengers had filed a case against Western Railways of harassment since the crowd in first class was on the rise and the new entrants to the First Class Brigade asked to adjust fourth passenger seating instead of three, oblivious to the unsaid rule of only three seat sharing.

A sample of seat sharing, which is now official.
A sample of seat sharing, which is now official.

The regular passengers were furious with such request on the rise as sharing fourth seat would downgrade them from the elite league of the train. One of the new entrant was even manhandled by a group of old timers when he requested a seasoned passenger who was enjoying his nap while going back home.

The incident took place near Andheri station, the fight started when the newbie was unable to understand the meaning of ‘Ye First Class Hai’ response given to his request and burped back ‘ Ha sab First Class Hai’. Deeming it to be an insult to the seasoned elitist, fight began which culminated into a group finally appealing in court against such inhuman practice of sharing fourth seat – common term for four people sharing a three seating chair.

Post appeal, what the group expected as a solution to the issue was increasing the number of first class compartments as the rise of high income middle class opting for travelling royally in First Class.

Other expected solution was rise in number of trains as the travellers in Mumbai feel like a Cow, the country benefits from the hard work done them – as does the cow gets slaughtered after it cannot milch. However with anti-Cow Slaughter laws enforced across Maharashtra, Mumbai travellers are hopeful.

However, with the approval of fourth seat sharing, all passengers across First Class will be able to ask for fourth seat without any shame. The first class passengers were googlied by this ruling.