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West Bengal Madhyamik candidate fails in exam, awarded Banga Bhushan

23, Feb 2013 By Guddu Gangster

Kolkata: Chalak Mistri, 16, a student of Birinagar Chhoto High School and a candidate of this year’s Madhyamik Examination is to be awarded Banga Bhushan by The Board of Secondary Education of West Bengal, announced Bratya Basu, the Education Minister of West Bengal.

Among the 2 lakh candidates who appeared in this year’s Madhyamik Examination, Chalak was the only student who managed to fail in the examination.

The news of his failing the examination has created a huge buzz. People were astonished by the unbelievable feat. Discussions were seen among students and teachers at various reputed schools of the city debating on how can a student fail at an examination like this where “the board of education actually forces you to pass even against your own will”.

People were left totally flabbergasted by the news of a 16 year old boy making come true a task which for the past 6 years or so was thought to be impossible.

After receiving the news, our sources immediately contacted the boy’s school authority.

“Chalak has consistently been a  overwhelmingly dull student. He has maintained a surprisingly low attendance throughout  the year. He did not appear in a single class test out of the 20 that we held this year especially for the Madhyamik candidates. He didn’t even qualify for the test exam but was still allowed to sit for the finals due pressures and constant threats on the school faculty from his local antisocial friends. I never doubted his capabilities and he has really made us proud. Chalak’s the man!”, the headmaster of Birinagar Chhoto High School told this Faking News reporter.

When we contacted Chalak, he told us that he was too determined and focused towards his goal. When asked about his inspiration behind this seemingly impossible task, he said that one of his local coaching teachers once laughed and mocked the importance and purpose of such an examination saying  “any idiot could pass this exam even if he submits a blank paper!  Even the stupidest dumbass would find it impossible to fail the exam, given the syllabus structure and marks distribution”.

This, he took personally, and resolved the very moment that he had to prove his teacher wrong.

“That was the sole inspiration behind my success” says young Chalak  beaming with joy and confidence.

Bratya Basu, on behalf of the Chief Minister of Bengal, Ms. Mamata Bannerjee announced Banga Bhushan in the field of Academics for Chalak for his extraordinary intelligence and unparalled contribution in the field of academics which shook the very foundation of the education system of the state.

“It is really a very proud incident for the people of Bengal. We hope to cultivate more such young talents through our education system in the future,” said the Chief Minister wishing Chalak all the best of luck and success for his not so bright future.