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Watchman to be felicitated on Independence day after he correctly recognizes building resident

10, Jul 2014 By swaroski

A co-operative housing society in Mumbai has decided to honour their building watchman after he correctly identified the name and face of its resident member.

“This news was so special and eventful that we decided to felicitate Bahadur for his exemplary courage and dedication in trying to remember things. Such name recalling is unheard of in the Watchmen chronicles,” explained a resident from the same building.


Bahadur, a resident of Nepal, is also a dying species. There was a time in India’s history when most of the society watchmen came from Nepal. So much so that many people even assumed that Nepal was a part of India and Bahadur, the only name of its people. It is now widely believed that people from the state of UP and Bihar have  taken their place. Nepali watchmen and Tigers have seen the same fate in India.

With the certain extinction of  ‘Bahadurs’, it is felt that such felicitations would go a long way  in commemorating the immense contribution done by this invisible species. “The fellowship of the guardian rights of the co-operative society has passed on to other hands but their memory should always be kept alive”, said a senior member from BJP. It was not known whether this felicitation was sponsored by the new government to improve relations with Nepal under their SAARC focus policy.

The society watchman has remained an enigma. Their ways and habits have  never been fully recognized. Their ability to multitask, snoring while working and sleeping while working is legendary. But the mainstream media should also know about their deep interest in music(the songs on their mobile phones are a testimony to it), their talent in climbing terrace buildings to close the water knob or their life lived in small cabin rooms filled with nothing more than a few utensils and bed sheets.

Where do they hide their AK-47s and missiles to fight potential intruders, their Spiderman suit to climb building walls, their invisibility cloak to hide in the day time and their night vision goggles to see in the dark? Is their lathi just an ordinary stick or does it  also help them to fly to their homeland once every night and does the lathi also have the ability to lift building elevators into working mode when it stops functioning? These are some of the questions that need some serious research which we may find one day. Until then, we sleep soundly as the prowl of the watchman continues in the darkness of the labyrinth.