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After watching the KFC bill son tells dad to ask government to take back his salary and pay him the tax

07, Sep 2016 By UTKARSH KUMAR
Sharamji's last moment before getting 'Taxation Breakdown' finding more tax than food bill
Sharamji’s last moment before getting ‘Taxation Breakdown’ finding more tax than food bill

New Delhi. In a moment of utter realisation Shama jee realised that he is paying more tax than he is earning after his son “SHARMA JEE KA BETA WHO HAS DONE EVERYTHING BEFORE HIS NEIGHBOURS” one more amazing thing by showing his dad the KFC bill in which they had ordered for RS 600 and the bill magically became around Rs 1000.

When we asked Sharma jee he said, “All my life i thought restaurants bills were like tissue papers but my son who scored is by default smarter than all other sons on this planet opened my eyes by showing me the bill and its taxx beakdown.I never knew there was a Troll Pappu Cess which government uses to pay satire sites to troll Pappu”. On asking what will be his next move, he said, “I will just surrender my salary and stay happily with the Tax that i am paying”.