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Voting machines with 'None of the Above' as first option

28, Sep 2013 By The Gun

In order to honour the Supreme Court’s decision to provide voters with an option to reject contesting candidates, Election Commission has come up with new  shiny electronic voting machines. These will have the prescribed NOTA option but will be available on the top to keep the political parties happy.

The “None of the Above” option on the top will make the voters believe that they are rejecting their efforts to come to the polling booth and will delude them to vote for the least hated candidate yet again. The voters can choose the NOTA option which won’t register their discontent and open a back door entry to votes manipulation between the polling and the results dates.

According to the Supreme Court, the No Vote option is fundamental to the rights of Indian citizens and it should be made available to them in the coming  state elections and then in the general elections. This would allow the voters to express their dissatisfaction to all the contesting candidates and  call for new candidates to participate in the reelections that would follow.

Reacting to this announcement of the SC for the citizens, Aam Aadmi Party leaders reacted by welcoming the Supreme Court’s decision right after it came. Senior AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal said, “”We are glad that this will provide voters with their right to reject”.

Fearing their feeble performance in 2014 general elections, Congress looked all set to spoil the chances of the other parties.

The Election Commission finally came with this workaround to SC order to keep the political parties happy by placing the NOTA option on the top. Voters feel cheated by this move of the Election Commission. Kapil Sharma gladly said by choosing this option, the voter will get his Babaji ka Thulu . “Why don’t we also have an All of the Above ? Just below NOTA”, he mocked.

While this act has made people angry, this reminds of a trick that the political parties had played to keep themselves safe from RTI.  This will only be followed by few weeks of discussions but is expected to vote out with time.