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Voters in Bangalore passed, claims an engineer after reports of just 54% turnout

21, Apr 2014 By rishforu

Bangalore: In the aftermath of 54% voting across Bangalore, which political parties across the board are claiming were polled by their respective supporters, engineering graduates across the city are up in arms over television and news reports claiming that the voters of Bangalore have failed in the test of democracy.

Such a tough work.

“How the hell is it a failure? The passing score is only 35 percents, which we polled,” thundered Mr. Teeny Earback Singh. “Its a total joke with engineering students. Now some of them might attempt and obtain 54 percent to pass the exam, which will put extra load on them. “

Another student Mr. Raatpadho SubahUglo with whom we were able to talk too was very worried about what will happen if such rumors turn out to be true. “Right now, if we study for a night and get 32-33 marks, we flunk by 1 or 2 and even our parents think Ki ek raat padhke ullu aur kitna layega. But think of us now, instead of 1 night, we will have to study for two or three nights. And there would be absolutely no hope for students suffering from short term memory loss, who forget everything 3 hours after they have stopped mugging. Even parents will be worried as now we will fail after studying for so many hours,” Said Mr. SubahUglo.

VTU meanwhile has gone ahead with the end of semester exams for current batches and were quick in dismissing this as a ploy of political parties to put unreasonable pressure on students to get their votes.

“We are fully aware of the talent of our meritorious students and in such case, we can imagine decreasing but can never imagine increasing the pass marks percentage.  We do not want most of the student to fail the papers. Believe it or not, we too want them to pass in four years.”.

Meanwhile, controversy king and honesty/secular certificate department  of AAP has termed this as a ploy of University, BJP and Mr. Narendra Modi to mentally harass college students who form a major chunk of their supporters.

“Earlier, more than 50% of our supporters were from Engineering college across Bengaluru. But now we have BA, BBA, BCA, MBA, BSc, MA etc etc students, but none of our engineering student volunteers are present as they are busy preparing for examinations.”  When Quizzed about the involvement of the Congress government, the spokesperson took a hasty retreat.

On the condition of anonymity, another student Mr. Torre N. T. Kumar said, “As our internet connection was cut, we were not able to buffer YouTube for our daily dose of comedy videos from Mr. Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi. So a group of 200 students from our college started volunteering here as we did not want to get bored. Now, due to the pressure of exams(Read Internet connection being restored) we have stopped going as we do not want to walk 200 mts everyday and reduce our weight.”