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Vishal Dadlani may seek Diksha to become Jain

30, Aug 2016 By khakshar

Vishal Dadlani may soon take Diksha to become a Jain. He has shed his shoes and more will be removed in near future. The better half confirmed that Dadlani had turned vegetarian. Onions and Garlic are now things of past in the Music composer’s kitchen.

"Hindu-Muslim-Jain-Issai; Koi Maa Koi Baap Te Koi Bhai"
“Hindu-Muslim-Jain-Issai; Koi Maa Koi Baap Te Koi Bhai”

Dadlani’s apology to Jains followed quick and fast. He has been in patch up mode ever since that – 33 times to be precise. Tears from his house have added to BMC’s woes of water logging during Rains.This has nothing to do with the Jain Muni’s comments. The Muni had said that he had no issues with being mocked by anyone. It did not have anything to do with the Delhi CM’s apology. Ironically his change of heart also had nothing to do with the umpteen Police complaints filed against him.

Our Inside story has learnt the real reason behind the change of heart. It is none other than Bhai, this time.The master chef of controversies took Dadlani to his father. Salim Saab then charted a course of action which included 33 script corrections. It also took the singer 33 rehearsals to get the apology right. However it seems that Jains and Police may require his live performance (without fee) for life time at community functions.

Bhai wanted to complete his bio. He has a Muslim father, a Hindu mother and another Christian Mother. He lacked Jain brother or kin. He is keen now on Vishal Dalda Jain. Hence he has coaxed his “Bebe ko Babe Pasand hai” friend. Meanwhile Text messages are being exchanged between Bhai and eloped “Thoko Taali”. Mr. Siddhu after being left high and dry by scheming AAP may add further to Bhai’s bio.

The aforesaid song may change to “Jains ko Nariyal -Sev Pasand Hai”