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Violence in South Indian movies would have shocked Mahatma Gandhi: Barack Obama

16, Mar 2015 By लाला

It’s hard to believe but yes Obama said this while addressing a group of Somali Pirates delegates.

Recalling his Delhi trip in January, he referred to India as “a beautiful, magnificently diverse country. But then he shared his experience of Shauyra Meraton Hotel where he with Michelle got to see dubbed south Indian movies. It happened so as the remote of his television was not working and he was bound to see Go Max Channel to leave behind the distress of his busy schedule. He started watching with “Kuchh Kuchh Hota hai” where he learnt ‘Bade Bade Deshon Mein….You know what I mean”.

Obama reacting on a dubbed movie
Obama reacting on a dubbed movie

But when Screensaver of Go Max Channel (Read this as dubbed south Indian movies) started playing, Mr. Obama was taken aback. He got confused if ISIS released a new video of massacre. He asked his interpreter to translate some of the scenes. And to his horror he realized that it’s happening in India only. That was why he cut his India trip short and went to a safer place, Middle East.

He tried to forget all this (including republic day parade) as a bad dream but he could not control his feelings while addressing to Somali delegates recently. He referred India as an incredible, beautiful country, full of magnificent diversity but added “Violence & Brutality in South Indian movies” would have shocked Mahatma Gandhi. He showed his faith in his friend Mr. Modi and expected things will be different soon. But he refused to confirm if he be will be joining Mr. Modi during next Garba fesitival.

Meanwhile spokespersons of Indian political parties were quick to react.

BJP spokesperson Khambit Patra asked Mr. Obama to think of Martin Luther King who has still not been able to understand Interstellar in heaven.

Congess spokesperson Dhananjay Jha said Congress would have shown Shirish Kunder’s Joker to Mr. Obama to prove India is moving ahead and can deal with aliens too.

Aam Admi Party spokesperson Paritosh said his party will be establishing a new film industry. However hero of all their films will be Mr. Kejribaal and aspiring actors can dream of sidekick roles only.

Now the author of this article is horrified knowing Mr. Dhanajay Jha’s intentions.