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Violence erupts in a meeting between managers of hotels and restaurants to curb declining business generated through social media

19, May 2014 By Akash

New Delhi. Along with Indian National Congress one more group consisting hotel, cafes and restaurant owners are worried about their decreasing presence on social media.

Facebook Checkin
Do this and save hotels.

As its quite evident that from past two-three months that there has been a continuous decrease in check-in updates for hotels and cafes by social media users of Facebook and Twitter. These check in updates got replaced by political statements, debates of better option between Mr. Modi and Mr. Kejriwal , photoshoped images posted by Aaptards and Modi Bhakats maligning each others image and free political and social gyaan.

And after ultimate win of BJP there is an enormous increase in hailing Modi posts by BJP fans and posts praising AAP for more than a crore vote and four loksabha seats. Ultimately, this all ended up in decreasing the business generated by hotels and cafes through social media.

Amid growing tension of continuously decreasing presence on social media yesterday a meeting of social media marketing personnel of various hotels and chains took place at Leela Kempinksi hotel to rectify this downfall in check-ins by users on social media. Interestingly this meeting was ended in between with no results.

An insider who was in the meeting room told faking news that during meeting an hotel owner, while discussing solutions, unknowingly said something against Mr. Modi which was unbearable to Modi supporters in the meeting.

Miffed with the comment against Mr. Modi his supporters started heavy debate with that guy and ultimately whole group was divide into two sub-groups of Modi and Kejriwal supporter. They started throwing pens and chairs at each other and Mr. Oberoi and Mr. Chaddha had been injured badly.

It has also been reported to faking news that when Mr. Rahul Chopra, who was also present in the meeting, tried to cool down both groups by citing recent example of Mr. Rahul Gandhi’s cool and over-smiling attitude at recent press conference after this terrible defeat in elections, both groups lost their cool and beat him badly.

On hearing loud noises from meeting room Leela staff called the police and injured were sent to hospital. Doctors confirmed faking news that Mr. Chopra is out of danger but had some serious injuries.