Friday, 23rd March, 2018

Vikas weds Viksit (Developing weds Developed)

26, May 2015 By maninderrupyal

Past 1+ year, we all have been overhearing this overwhelming word “Vikas”. No offence to the official name bearers of the mentioned word, but this word from past 1 year has brought and dragged all of us into the dreamy world of achchhe din, which as per our Sarkaar i.e. government is not a jumla.

People of India are still into dilemma, in which part of the country ‘this’ Vikas has born and have now started raising slogans “Kadi Sadi Gali Pul Ke v aaya Karo ji”.

On the contrary Vikas is on run similarly as all other politicians of country are and is enjoying his trips abroad, looking for his partner abroad or opt for Permanent Residency or Citizenship in the developed nations so as to settle down there himself.

Moreover, Viksit somewhere abroad was hunting for partner too, looking for change in his relationship status and was eager to post updates on social media.

Now as our government has completed 1 year of term in office, the news has been released that Vikas has found his partner Viksit in China.

But, as we know in India Gay marriages are not prevelant, our Vikas is shying to introduce Viksit to the Indian citizens and if both remained shy the same way, they may not be able to disclose their relationship status to all of us and eventually the Vikas and  Viksit may feel depressed and 5 years term of govt. will be over by that time.

Hope to see Vikas and Viksit announce their marriage soon so that the jumla flight along with Vikas and Viksit land soon on Ache Din International Airport.