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Vegan shattered after mistakenly eating an ant with her chocolate cake

07, Oct 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

Mumbai: A South Bombay socialite Ms Seema Nayyar who has been a very vocal vegan today mistakenly ate an ant with her regular dose of chocolate cakes. She has been extremely traumatized because of the unfortunate incident and is undergoing extensive therapy to get over this disastrous experience.

An inconsolable Nisha after the incident
An inconsolable Seema after the incident

We failed to connect with her personally but managed to meet up with her longtime vegan buddy for more details, “Well Seema is what one describes as a hardcore vegan who has refrained from consuming anything alive. So you must see how shattered she must be after devouring the poor ant. What happened was Seema has a sweet tooth so her daily routine includes eating all kinds of pastries and cakes during the day and getting depressed during the night because she is gaining weight.

“Now yesterday she had taken the cake out of the pantry and just as she was about to eat it received a call from a friend calling about a flat discount of 10% offered by Louis Vuitton on their limited edition purses. So forgetting all about the cake she rushes out to shop and during her absence some ants decided to pay visit to the cake. So when she returned home she immediately focused her attention to the cake and gobbled mouthfuls of it. Then she noticed something moving in her mouth and after spitting it out noticed it filled with ants, she managed to save most of them but some had already reached her stomach by then. So unfortunate both for her and the ants,” she added.

Seema has now decided to lacerate and seek penance for her grave misdeed and has decided to form a NGO in their memory which apart from promoting Veganism will also campaign against Gau Rakshaks for ruining the moral and secular fabric of the nation.