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Ved Pratap Vaidik was in Pakistan as an undercover agent

16, Jul 2014 By khakshar

It is now clear that Mr. Ved Pratap Vaidik, the famous Baba Ramdev aide was on a mission to bring the most wanted Hafeez Saeed to India as undercover agent.

Hafeez Saeed's goat doing Shirshasan as a demonstration by Mr. Vaidik.
Hafeez Saeed’s goat doing Shirshasan as a demonstration by Mr. Vaidik.

He had a vision of a mission of bringing the most wanted in India on his own. Professional jealousy seems to be the reason behind his mission not being accomplished. It is learnt that his mission was foiled by some journalists of India. It is also alleged that these journalists wanted to nab and bring Hafeez Saeed to India on their own. Mr. Ved Pratap Vaidik  got to know  the unscrupulous designs of his  professional brethren and camouflaged  his mission as an Interview.

During all the hype and hoopla he is receiving, Mr.Ved Pratap Vaidik  is chanting mantras from Karl Marx “Das Kapital” and is also reciting from “Divine Comedy ” of Dante.  He  is comparing himself  with German revolutionary “Rousseau”, whose writings inspired French revolution. It helps in making  many with little “upper pie” believe  of his credentials as journalist.

From his busy schedule, he took off some time to talk to the Faking News’  citizen Journalist @khakshar over a “Kapla Bharti’ session. He emphasized primarily  on the need  of cleaning of heart. He spoke about Yoga  in detail. He stated that Yoga  could not only cure the heart diseases but  it can change the heart too.

He said that he personally believed that Saeed’s heart could be changed and he was successful in sowing seeds of repent  in the Terrorist’s heart.

He elaborated how Hafeez Saeed had tears in his eyes when told that Indian public acknowledged the fire- spitting  Jihadi  as  the main propagator of terrorist activities against India.

Mr. Vaidik said that he learnt that logic was cure to terrorism and terrorists like Saeed could be reined by “Sarva Samaveshi , Sarva Sparshi” thought process. Mr. VVP, as he likes himself to be called also revealed that Hafeez was so influenced by him that  Saeed even confided his ultimate secret. It was about Saeed’s  mother conceiving  in India and delivering the baby Saeed  in Pakistan.

Mr. Ved also divulged his trump card while huffing and puffing during different Aahans of Yoga. He  confided that  now Hafeez is hooked on Yoga . He further confided that he has taught sirshashan and murdashan  to Hafiz Saeed, so that he dies of brain hemorrhage.

It is also learnt from reliable sources that officials in RAW and Intelligence Bureau are excited about adventures of  Mr.Ved Pratap Vaidik. He is to be enrolled as a instructor in RAW and IB.

It is also proposed that similar Chelas of  many Yogi Babas will be trained by Mr. Ved. These chelas will in near future teach Yoga to Dawood and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the ISIS chief  in Caliphate of Iraq and Syria.