Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Uttarakhand govt to nominate two leaders for bravery award

08, Feb 2018 By Saurav Gusain

Uttarakhand govt has announced it’s plans to nominate two BJP leaders for bravery awards this year. They told us that nominating children who saved people from tiger or from drowning is old fashioned and there are a lot of cases registered in a year in this hilly state so it is not possible to nominate them all.

The nomination of first leader will be for his bravery to defend himself from a innocent police horse Shaktiman. He bravely snatched Laathi from a on duty police officer and hit Shaktiman so hard that it took his life.

Second nominee has bravely shouted at a protesting unemployed uttarakhandi, “Mujhe tumne nahi vidjayak banaya hai” meaning you have not made me MLA. The unemployed graduate was protesting against the delay of only 2 years in result of a exam held on 2016. When asked what was the bravery in it govt told us that the bravery was the MLA is minister of the Agriculture department where vacancies were to be filled and he was brave enough to deny any responsibility for same.

More over this was the same minister in whose press conference one person had consumed poison and died in hospital, this adds one more feather to his cap.

When questions were raised about nominees not being children’s govt replied what can be more childish than these events. Central govt is planning not to give elephant ride to these two as a precaution and all lathis will be banned in 200 mtrs area.