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UPSC to introduce pattern change for level playing field

17, Jul 2014 By strangefellow

Delhi: Taking into account, the recent protests outside UPSC Bhavan and government’s recommendation to consider the matter, Union Public Service Commission(UPSC) has decided to make it mandatory for all the aspirants to write their Civil Services Examination (CSE) in Lubanki (an extinct Indian language).

Students taking lectures for Lubanki at a famous coaching center

While talking to this reporter UPSC chairman Mr. D.P.Agarwal said, “As this language is unknown to most of the aspirant and as there is no content available in any form, this will ensure the desired level playing field. Moreover we have recruited the necessary translators , to check the papers, with the help of Archeological Survey of India and History Department of Delhi University. Moreover the ethics paper will be made by Aloknath himself, because this country needs sanskari officers.”

When this reporter tried to know, what protestors have to say about the proposed changes, Rahul from Delhi said, “We are preparing here for UPSC for last 5 years, but this is the first time UPSC has shown some seriousness about bringing the equality. But we request UPSC to always change the syllabus and pattern of the examination just before examination, as this will bring the element of surprise and the aspirants have to remember almost everything that is available on internet to pass this examination. Moreover it will prepare the future civil servants for any eventualities. “

Markets in the coaching hub for CSE, particularly Rajender Nagar and Mukherjee Nagar were jubilant over this news, as seen from the faces of the youths all over. When asked about the reason for their happiness, Mr. Sachin from Mumbai, told this reporter that “As UPSC is postponing this examination, we will get extra 1-2 months of money from our parents, prolonging our stay in Delhi and more time for preparation (procrastination). “

Coaching owners are the happiest lot among all, as they have started the course for this language for nominal fee of Rs40000. With this they are offering the CDs of serials of Aloknath to clear the hurdles of ethics paper at the discounted charge of Rs1000 per show. Aspirants have already started searching for “Amanat” on Youtube.