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UPSC General Studies 2013 mains paper leaked, surprising changes in syllabus

09, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

UPSC is amongst the few institutions which function with both autonomy and freedom along with the country’s higher judiciary and lately the Election Commission. One of the exam conducted by UPSC is for Civil Services of India.


The civil service system, as we all know, is the backbone of the administrative machinery of the country. The responsibility of the civil services is to run the administration of India. The country is managed through a number of Central Government agencies in accordance with the policy directions given by the ministries.

UPSC keeps their papers safe and confidential but on 8,Nov 2013 first time in history of CSE, mains general studies paper was leaked by cyber attack from hackers in foreign country. President ordered cancellation of UPSC examination for year 2013 and no recruitment of IAS, IPS and other class A posts will be done.

UPSC is very careful about their questions and patterns. This time from leaked question paper it is observed that distribution of marks for various topic is changed. The leaked question paper contained 30% questions from sports and 20% question from history and culture of Indian cinema. New surprising category of questions were observed from “Saans bahu aur betiyaan” which hold marks up to 10% of total. Very few questions were asked on Indian Economy and No questions from Indian Polity. however, questions related to Politics in “Bigg Boss 7” were asked and can be considered as one of the difficult to answer.

It has been observed that UPSC has changed their pattern and subject from Indian History and Heritage to History of Indian Cinema and Cricket. Questions on Influencing personalities were asked but with slight changes. Under Influencing Personalities one of questions was on “Life of Justin Bieber and his struggle“.

Few of the leaked questions are as follows:

1. Examine the effects on unity of Indian cricket team due to dispute among Gambhir-Dhoni and Kohli-rohit? Examine 200 runs scored by rohit will cause danger to Sehwaag, Gambhir?

2. Differentiate between Armaan Kohli and Gohar Khan’s recent communication. List down the exchange of words and their meaning. Critically explain, stand of Salmaan Khan on this event, his affection and soft corner towards Elli.

3. Analyse the friendship between Jaadu and Rohit Mehra. What qualities of Rohit Mehra is not present in Krishnaa Mehra. Explain Role of Mother of rohit Mehra. Also list down contents of Bournvita.

4. Enumerate characteristics of Sangram Singh? Diplomatic nature is always better or does one need to take stand in some situations? Explain such scenarios happened previously.

5. History of Raghu in roadies X. Explain whether, talking rudely and angrily is for publicity?

6. Comment on statement: “I can never slap Sushant” by Ankita Lokhande. What is the age of Manav Deshmukh in the show? Pavitra Rishta is a remake of which popular television serial?

7. Which of following movies is must watch and explain story of that movie… Tees Maar Khan, Pyar Impossible,

8. Which is great personality among Krrish, Chitti, Jaadu? Now discuss qualities that is why Chitti is great than other two. Also write his specifications.

9. List down the things that you want to see in sequel of Now explain reasons for suicides of people after watching it

10. Distinguish between Rahul Dravid and Great Wall of China.

Visit Faking news for full question paper. And we expect GS2 paper leak in next week.