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UPSC CSAT controversy ends, paper to be in lingo called 'thodu' and 'faadu'

01, Aug 2014 By confusionafflicted

The controversy surrounding the UPSC over the C-SAT-II paper has ended with the decision to use the universal language of expletives and swear words.

The CSAT-II paper carries questions on comprehension, interpersonal skills, including communication skills, logical reasoning and analytic ability, general mental ability and linguistic comprehension. The solution was accepted as it addressed all these requirements without disturbing the (fucked-up)  nest of the India’s linguistic hornet.

Students celebrating.
Students celebrating.

Breakthrough occurred at a time when the issue was turning into a linguistic debate between hindi-speaking and non-hindi but english-supporting ( southern) states . The suggestion came about through an active WhatsApp group called ‘ayyamayyaki’- (mother’sfather’s)- with all India membership that was sharing everything that is ‘hot’ on digital world. The group has developed a lingo, casually called as ‘thodu’-(barrier-breaker)- that transcended the frontiers of linguistic perception.

Image and the supporting text made comprehension of deep as well as subtle messages as swift as a blink of an eye. The creative interpretation and carrying forward the thread of any message appearing on the group was found to be an analysis of high order and  display of creativity never discovered through formal modes.

Needless to say that members of this group are IAS aspirants too, and they feel these qualities of the group will squarely address the requirements of the UPSC. Whatever confusion that had emerged through the respective protesters  supporting hindi or english was amicably resolved through the state members of this group.

The Home Minister has thanked the group for preventive diffusion of a crisis, about which the Government had no clue. On the other hand admin of this group ‘lodubhai Paandhe-r’ has promised full support to the UPSC to help frame the paper through over-aged members of the group.

Commenting at this promise, the HRD minister Smt. Irani has praised the exuberating energy of the youth.  While addressing the media, another member of this group with the  handle by name ‘Zavadya’ touched upon a higher philosophical question when he asked, “Who is a man and a women in this country who has not used the swear words in their lives, and whenever the basic instincts are challenged, it is only the swear words that have come to the rescue of mankind. we have no right to treat this part of our psyche as something taboo.”

World over this development is likened to a revolutionary movement. Dr. Richard Stephens, recipient of Ig Nobel prize in 2010 for his path-breaking research paper “Swearing as a response to pain” has found vindication of his theory.

However, the solution was not without opposition, staunchest being from the women membered “SatiSavitri” group on unacceptable gender insensitivity of the “thodu” lingo.

A compromise was however achieved when another liberal, post-modernist women IAS aspirants group called ‘kakkaappaki’-(brother’s father’s)- intervened and assured to  bring equilibrium in the paper with liberal spattering of questions  in their lingo called ‘faadu’.