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UPSC aspirants protesting, saying Civil Services Examination biased in favour of studious candidates

27, Jul 2014 By sacrosanct

Protesting aspirants.
Protesting aspirants.

A group of Civil Services aspirants was seen protesting here in New Delhi claiming that Civil Services Examination is heavily biased in the favour of studious candidates.

“The questions asked in the examination are way to tough to attempt by the candidates like us who have never been good at studies throughout in our life. You can look at the question paper. They are heavily biased in the favour of students who have studied hard and achieved good results in their academics. This is not right. We have our aspirations too,” an angry protester said hurling xerox copies of previous year question papers, which he later found out were actually the mock test copies from a local coaching institute.

On asking the authenticity of his eligibility for the top bureaucratic job, he said, “Who cares about eligibility as long as we have the right to protest and make the govt bow to change the pattern. Though we have been “awara” throughout our studies, but that does not make us ineligible for the top job. On one hand, Modi govt talks about social inclusion, while it is creating social divide through such discriminatory recruitment. All we know is that we aspire to become IAS & IPS and the govt better make way for us, else we will go on Hunger Strike.”

Meanwhile, the movement has found political support through Awara Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) backing the movement and a national level political party Badmaash Samaaj Party (BSP) all set to take the matter in the parliament.

“This is an excellent opportunity to stall the parliamentary proceedings for a day or two, while other MP’s are wasting their time discussing non-important issues like Budget and Gaza Crisis. Moreover, their claims are towards strengthening the bureaucratic structure. While most of the MP’s and ministers are semi literate and have criminal records, this will create a like-minded association of bureaucracy and Executive, which will make the policy implementation fast and efficient,” a BSP MP spoke on condition of anonimity.

Meanwhile, every Aira-Gaira-Nathu-Khaira protesting to turn the UPSC exams pattern towards his favour, the country’s Rickshawallah’s association has also decided to protest on the grounds that being a Rickshawallah and illiterate can not inhibit their aspiration to become a Civil Servant and they have already started searching for political support to start their movement.