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UPSC aspirant mistakenly studies United State's polity instead of Indian Polity

06, Jul 2017 By Ajinkya Lakhepatil

Mumbai: In recent unwanted development, local youth, who happens to be UPSC aspirant since last two years, has mistakenly studied United State’s polity instead of Indian Polity. The youth recently became aware of his mistake when he perceived his command over United State’s polity but lack of same over required Indian Polity. The hopeful aspirant is in state of happiness and sadness at same time for these political development.

During the UPSC interview
During the UPSC interview

The youth explained this development to our reporter, “It all started when I was trying to understand federalism. I came across an article about comparison between federalism and Un-federalism. I also watched some political commentary videos on YouTube. And I kept watching such videos. There seemed no point of return as I got attached to understand federalism in United States. All process was very seemless as I could laugh at  different political stories. Comedy had sugarcoated all tragedy in United States Polity.” The self-proclaimed expert of United States Polity , then explained the bill of rights, to our reporter. He also elaborated on gun rights, gay rights, Non-gay rights, rights of indigenous people. His emphatic anti-gun stance in United States was very vehement and apparent. “Lobbying has rigged all of us”, he regretfully opined.

Our reporter asked the youth about state of Indian Polity. The youth hesitantly continued, “We all are always in some ways doomed. Sure , Indian Constitution needs fluidity and dynamism. We cannot be prisoners of our thinking. I really don’t like the idea of  quasi-federalsim at all.” The vagueness was prominent when it came to his description about Indian polity. The youth kept abruptly switching over to United States polity.

Our team wishes the candidate the best luck for all UPSC and Non- UPSC related endeavours.