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UPSC aspirant decided to do Stand-up Comedy after failing 6th time in a row

22, Feb 2017 By tragedymecomedy

New Delhi (Mukherjee Nagar): 31 Years Old Siddharth Pandey finally understood his passion and goal of his life after failing 6 times in UPSC exam. He asked us to address him as SID instead of Siddharth. That’s his artist name.

While Puffing Cigarette and making some V with his figure he said, “Thank God I failed In UPSC, I know I would have cracked the exam this time but I would have been a bad IAS officer. I am destined to be a stand-up comedian.”

(Our Sources told us he never even cleared Prelims in all these 6 years).

Cracking jokes on phone
Siddharth Pandey trying to be funny by cracking jokes on phone

Talking about his struggle he told us, “I decided to share some of my jokes with my parents living in Ghaziabad. Unfortunately, they disconnected all my calls.They are thinking I am calling for money.”All these years I have been spending most of my hours on just 3 people on the Internet- Swami Om, Zakir Khan and Mia Khalifa.

“Har Insaan kisi Maksad se paida hota hai BC!”, Sid said with same sign with fingers.

Our sources told us that 2 months back Sid also tried Rapping in Haryanvi language. He created a video with his new LAVA mobile. But removed the video after getting only 7 Views on his Youtube video.

When asked about when is he doing the first show? He said, “I have started researching on quora how to participate in laughing canvas but I am not getting any clarity in participation process. Meanwhile, he practices at his Mukherjee Nagar rented flat.

He stays with 2 young guys Pintu and Raju. Both came 3 months back and decided to stay with Siddharth after knowing his number of attempts in UPSC.

But they are now looking for a new flat after they got to know,  Sid not only failed in UPSC prelims 6 times but also failed in SSC, SBI-PO, Insurance, GAIL, ONGC, GATE, SBI Clerk as well.