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Updated traffic rules released

03, Feb 2015 By electroman

Here are the updated Traffic Rules which will be coming to effect soon.

“Stop, why are your driving so slow”

  • Always wear helmet to protect your elbow or rear view mirror.
  • Always use indicators while turning, it doesn’t matter which one. Just pick one.
  • Do not turn off indicators for at least 1 km after making the turn.
  • Use freakishly powerful lamps in your headlights (Should be slightly less powerful than Laser)
  • Never, ever, ever use low beam anywhere. Just burn the retinas of oncoming morons.
  • Drive as fast as you can when you are going on the wrong direction in a one way road, that should scare those idiots (Use laser headlights if necessary)
  • Open your car door with your eyes closed, immediately after you stop it in the middle of the road. You have four of them anyway.
  • Carry TMT rods, steel pipes and other sharp objects in small autos. Let’s recreate Final Destination 5.
  • Spit paan or throw banana peels outside the car only when driving above 100kph. Includes empty water/cool drink bottles, Cigarettes(lighted),
  • Make a full namaskar at a passing Temple/Church/Mosque, do not attempt to touch the steering or handlebar while doing this. If you have time perform a small puja.
  • Honk relentlessly at signals, then only the light will turn green.
  • Always keep an eye on both sides of the road for Dirty movie posters, Girls etc.