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UPA's new health scheme

08, Aug 2013 By Acid

With reference to the Mysterious health issues faced by the chairperson of INC last year, the decision was made to continue her medical treatment abroad even after having a medical university named after her husband.

All though the opposition parties had requested the details about the expenses of her treatment, the PMO has ruled out any possibility of the cost were paid by GOI.

Speaking of a RTI application raised by an Aam admi to the PMO,  Jr.Gandhi(proposed/assumed future PM candidate), has replied to the public saying that, the INC and the ruling party UPA which has won more than 10 loksabha elections ,having failed to bring up the world class facilities in the nation, due to which his mother had to bear the cost of traveling and medical expenses in abroad, has decided to extend his help for the people of the nation (only who had/will vote for the INC/UPA  in the upcoming elections).

Speaking of which Jr.Gandhi stated that “Extremely  ashamed of being not able to implement the World class facilities for Govt hospitals in India, all those who are being diagnosed with the same “Mysterious” disease will be treated abroad and all the expenses will be borne by the party“. This is considered to be a major strategy in winning the 2014 polls.

How ever the supporting parties of the alliance have lodged a strong protest to provide reservations for the minorities and backward castes.

The required criteria for qualifying for this facility comes with minimal conditions.

  • The patient should have voted at-least once for the INC(In case of patient being minor, the parent’s/guardian’s vote will be considered).
  • The patient should have valid ration card/aadhar card in his/her name.
  • The patient should be willing to participate in the cyber political war against “You know who”.
  • The patient should positively thank Jr.Gandhi in any of the social networking sites.