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UPA plans falling rupee to answer Pak's unprovoked aggression

20, Aug 2013 By fakingapple

In the midst of public and media fury over the fall of the rupee, sources have revealed to this faking news reporter that it was preplanned to give a fitting reply to Pakistan’s LOC aggressions.

A servant working at 7 Race Course Road called up this reporter,and offered to reveal a classified information on Tuesday. On asking how much rupee he wants in return, he said he has enough of onions from the household and that he is only doing it for the cause of the nation, in Shivaji-The Boss style.

On meeting this mole in the PMO, he revealed that Pakistan’s main export was Rs 500 notes. They earlier used to print Rs 100 notes, but then 500 seemed less investment and more profit. It was on advice of the very brilliant Rahul baba that the UPA decided to make the rupee slide. The mere killing of the 5 soldiers on the LOC had saddened his mother’s heart after all!

Reports suggest that PM Manmohan Singh gave a lion’s roar in a top secret cabinet meeting held in the servant’s quarters at 10 Janpath. “I may not be the Singham. But I will give a fitting warning to the Pakistanis. Theek hai!”, was what was heard from inside the meeting.

With the risk of going out of business due to higher investment in making a fake 500 rupee note, Pakistan has decided to go for alternate business like mehendi making. They have also sent one Tunda as a brand ambassador.” Oh , and I thought he had come to India because of Arnab Goswami’s ultimatum!” said one Aman ki Asha fan.

Faking news tried to contact PMO for confirmation.Last heard they were busy making Chinese Laddoos for selling to Pakistan.