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UPA passes Criminal Security Bill

11, Aug 2013 By shaks

Taking a cue from falling GDP, government has finally taken some steps to ensure India’s GCP (Gross Criminal Product) does not meet the same fate.

India’s current GCP is second to none but government is in no mood to leave any stone upturned to keep it the same way. As per latest statistics, the number of riots, loots, rapes and other street level crimes have only grown only 100% YOY while the people aspiring to become goondas is increasing at a much faster rate.

Seeing the declining growth rates in street level crimes, government finally passed a resolution in a cabinet lever meeting and planning to bring it in parliament in current session. Maya is already opposing the bill in its current form saying it is anti-minority and does not provide 50% reservation to backward class. Soft Singh has demanded inclusion of politicians in this bill. Left Parties spokesman Radhekrishna Yechuri has strongly spoken against the increasing capitalism in crime industry.

As Per naami goonda Diggi Pehlwan “with the increase in Candle light marches, RTI applications and honest IAS officers, Goodaism as a career is losing all the sheen. Many have already started hedging the risks by moving to Politics. But what about those who cannot blabber like me or keep silence. No. of such street goondas is increasing and it is there fundamental right to loot people without any trouble ”

Noted Economist Marta Sain has supported government initiative and opposed popular demand for allowing 100% FDI in Underworld. He advocated that Government should take steps so that minimum criminal exposure at grass route level can be ensured.”

Finally Key opposition party is threatening to block the parliament session to let his bill pass. On Contacting Meena Amma,she responded “Why government is getting this Bill just before election year? We will not let parliament function and politicians can use that time to loot people and contribute to national GCP.”