Monday, 26th February, 2018

UPA demands FDI in Rahul Gandhi’s speeches

11, Sep 2013 By 0mar Abdullah

Recently, Narendra Modi has started taking Rs 5 for his Rally in Hyderabad and this inspired UPA to take assistance of FDI to increase the strength of Rahul Gandhi’s rallies.

When our reporter asked one UPA minister why don’t they also try issuing tickets for Rahul’s rallies, he said, “Actually, we don’t want Aam Aadmi’s money to run the rally of Rahul ji. As we know inflation is very high and it would send wrong signal to people of India if we take money from them.”

“UPA has been using FDI for getting ‘likes’ on Facebook pages of  leaders like Ashok Gehlot. We are happy with the results as Mr. Gehlot may contest election for President for Turkey and win, if not Rajasthan elections. That was FDI for Turkey,” he added.

“Now we want to follow the same pattern, but for India and not Italy Turkey. And we hope this formula will succeed in India. We will steal the show without the assistance of Aam Aadmi’s money and again it would be Big Blow to Modi,” he concluded.