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UP Police an efficient police to focus on local issues

16, Sep 2014 By khakshar

Moradabad ,UP– Police had lodged a FIR on persons with  designs to capture poll booths during Bye Elections. The list of  trouble makers also includes a one year old kid. A court summons was issued  in anticipation of attempts he may make to intimidate voters.

The umpteenth Yadav Superintendent Police explained that the efficiency of UP Police to nab trouble makers is legendary. Even the Election Commission and Courts have regularly praised UP Police, he added. He also  said that the State’s Police first response of no crime committed as in Badaun  girls case was ratified by CBI.  The CBI even did not exhume the bodies as the reports of UP police was water tight. With such tangential reasoning ,the correspondents had no choice but to seek appointment with DGP,UP.

The DGP was more forthcoming. He cited that the dynamics of state politics had  made them very efficient.  He said the reasons of their little failure was external influence. The SP, Moradabad was trying to surpass the record set by Pakistan Police.In April 2014  a nine-month-old boy appeared in a Pakistan court charged with attempted murder. He further clarified that the call by an cleric to join Shia Forces against ISIS in Iraq is a totally foreign affairs matter and state administration has no role to play. He said that the MEA has not been able to stem the flow of  foreign funds needed for some kind of  Love ad .

He said we can only take action on factors which are local like the Nagin Dance and one is to hundred exchange offer.  When asked about how charge sheets were filed on only one when the crime of two were nearly similar , he explained that Owners of “Victorian Buffaloes ”  were to be given patronage as their class is becoming extinct. These people arethe lone flag bearers and are  helping in preserving the relics of Ganga-Yamuni Tehzeeb……

A havaldar posted outside was humming

हर ज़ुल्म का एक ही फ़साना है, इंसाफ़ तो फ़क़त एक गाना बजाना है ;

बदज़बानी का खूबशूरत तराना हैं,हम जो पहने तहज़ीब का पजामा है।