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Unsure area man headbangs while friends and family sing happy birthday to him

17, Jul 2015 By Anil Sharma

New Delhi: Despite doing almost everything right to make it a special one, local man Sahil Gupta still managed to ruin his own birthday and piss off his friends and family.

According to our reliable sources all the people had that particular disgruntled “Kamran Akmal” face while leaving his house after the party. They surely couldn’t “catch” a break there.

Although, the 25-year-old Sahil believes that he wasn’t on the fault for all that happened. The heavy metal fan explained to our reporter that how he plans to do something special on his birthday every year but it never works.

Man had no idea what this cake was supposed to do
Sahil wondered why this was cut

“Last year nobody even wished me on Facebook. All day I kept thinking that my friends and relatives were playing some sort of prank on me and it’s going to be a surprise birthday bash. I reached home ready for the surprise but to my surprise there was no surprise. I’ve never had a surprise birthday party. I’ve had every other type of surprise. I’ve had surprise beatings, surprise drug tests, and surprise break-ups I think,” said Sahil with a sigh.

“This time around I didn’t think it through. I should have planned it that how’d I react when everybody invited would sing the happy birthday song to me. As soon as I blew the candles off everyone started singing the song. For the first few moments I kept turning my gaze upward and downward to avoid eye contact with the guests. Then I continued with clapping and pretending to enjoy the song but it didn’t help. They continued, it was like never-ending, I wanted to tell them to stop singing it but I didn’t wanna sound like a jerk on my birthday. So,  I kinda tried to go with the rhythm and started headbanging to the song. Nobody liked the headbanging I guess, specially, the elder ones,” Sahil added.

“They were so pissed off that they just ate their food and left the house even without doing the gross ‘put-cake-on-face’ thingy. And I am pretty sure they won’t put my photo as a DP on the ‘sweet-family <3' group of ours on WhatsApp," a visibly rattled Sahil concluded. Meanwhile, our reporter also talked to one of Sahil’s guests and he said, “It looked like he was mocking us. And we are Indians, it’s our right to feel offended for every petty thing that can be easily avoided. Also, in the worst of scenarios, he could have smacked the cake off the table while shaking his head here and there. Headbanging, it’s not our culture, we can’t accept it at any cost.”