Sunday, 18th March, 2018

Underwater world unhappy with Facebook and Microsoft

10, Oct 2017 By Lekha Gagrani

The Underwater world:

Marine world of Atlantic Ocean held Facebook and Microsoft responsible for sudden spike in underwater real – estate prices. They claim that this is due to the cloud spider-webbing and cable junction points in the sea.

Fishes say that they never wish to follow this human (read Inhuman) approach of discrimination on the biases of locality/area. But after this announcement, fishes foresee there society being divided on the biases of the place where they hail from. Some brown and black fishes said that we already have division biased on color in our society. We are given least importance even when it comes to moving to aquarium. What scares us is that we are moving closer to the human approach towards life as a whole

As communicated by the spokes whale shark, the once living near to these cloud junctions can now claim high prices and will soon create an elite group.

The once which hail through the Indian Ocean even blamed BJP government’s development agendas for this. Since this is the only trendy thing to do in India these days.

Speaking to Faking News reporter, Octopus, star fish and other multi-armed marine living beings said, “looking at the situation we have decided to demand more area and endangered quota”.

Ground level report: 

Our reporters also asked the views of the human community from parts of India, more than views people had questions about this development:

From people coming from a non-technical background, this announcement raises few questions like

What about the underwater privacy which is the only privacy, left for humans these days (after Toilets of course). Some of them say that mobile companies launch many water proof mobile phones. Most of them fail the test. Then what is the guarantee that our data is safe in such deep oceans.

From people coming from technical background, “Are Facebook/Microsoft planing to set up an underwater office.In case they are i will shift underwater, anything to ignore traffic.. you see,” the cool looking techie from Bangalore said.

Many tech guys are unavailable to comment.. as they are busy in writing online re-views of resorts ,hotels and pubs.

will keep you posted on this ..