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Unaware that Gaza is not part of the US, IT employee accepts 3 year onshore role

04, Aug 2014 By johnrj

Bangalore: IT worker Boka Singh Banerjee has accepted a 3 year onshore opportunity to Gaza unaware that it is not part of the USA.

Three days ago, Boka had received an email from the management about onshore opportunity to Gaza. Happy that finally his hard work has paid dividends, he instantly accepted the offer and left early from office to celebrate the event.


When asked how he had the guts to accept such an offer he coolly replied, “Yaar why would I decline an offer to go to the US? Going to US has always been my dream for a long time ever since Obama came to power. I love Obama’s foreign policies very much.”

On informing him that Gaza was not even remotely close to the US and is actually a war zone he laughed and replied, “Arey bhai stop kidding around. Onshore means US only where else will they put me? I see the news also every day. If war is going on why would they show news about Rahul ji sleeping in the parliament and not this? What do you think about our media?” questioned a patriotic Boka.

Ever since he had received the mail about it, he has been repeatedly listening to Yo Yo Honey Singh in order to suit his music to US standards.

“Honey Singh is yet to make his mark in US. I am going to spread his music there also. He is the only singer who has the caliber to challenge heavyweights of the US,” said an excited Mr. Banerjee

He has already bought a new DSLR camera to take pictures and post it to his Facebook account as soon as he lands in the US. His friends informed us that he has also started his countdown status messages “289 days to US baby!” and has been updating that number every day till date at exactly 12.00 Eastern Standard Time. Some of his friends have started thinking that he is already in US since he started “checking in” wherever he goes.

Unfortunately for Mr. Banerjee, there was apparently some mistake while sending the mail for onshore opportunity. It was revealed that the mails for “Petition to save Gaza” and “Onshore opportunity to Georgia” got somehow mixed up and was sent to Mr. Banerjee.

Mr. Banerjee is convinced that there is foul play and our sources revealed that the TV show CID’s director has already approached him if he can get the rights to make his story into a corporate conspiracy thriller. He also supposedly received ACP Pradyuman’s signed T-shirt as an enticing gift to accept the offer.