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Unable to bear the shock after meeting a colleague who was working from home since 5 years, employee passes out during 10k run event

29, Nov 2013 By raghaone

10k run event where unfortunate incident took place.

It was not a successful 10k run for Virat Bowli, after he passed out halfway during the event. On-lookers were surprised when he told them it was not because he was tired but shocked to meet his old friend Ishant Kurma whom he thought had left the organization.

Ishant Kurma and Virat Bowli were good friends since the time they joined Weaksoft solutions, a software company based in Hyderabad. After their manager approved ‘work from home’ for Ishant. He was never to be seen in the office. He worked from home for about 5 years, thus missing half of his corporate life.

Virat was unhappy as he thought Ishant had left the organization and did not intimate him at all. Inspired by the new Google Ad, He even searched for Ishant on Google, However search results showed up only Mother-Sister gaalis(swear words) given to Ishant’s deadly bowling attacks. Disappointed with his unsuccessful attempts, he decided to move on with his life.

Virat said, “I am very happy to meet him after a long time (With tears rolling down the cheeks). He didn’t even invite me for his wedding, though I was always active on Facebook, I never saw him posting wedding pics or sending RSVPs. Later he told me, he had 2 Facebook accounts and I was added to just one account. Now I hear his son is studying 2nd Class in an International school and he also has 3 Facebook accounts(Looks like a tradition in family). I would like to go out with Ishant to the nearest chai bandi and talk about growth, managers, Bar graphs, Pie charts, market analysis and other smoke zone related conversations, Just like the good old days”

Ishant was also happy to meet his old friend. He said, “I always wanted to meet my colleagues, but never got time at all. One day I decided to come to office. Somehow, I forgot the route and couldn’t make it that day. I have taken the office address from Virat now. Hopefully, I might be going atleast once from next year.”

Some of the media professionals(mostly freelancers with DSLR cameras), who were watching the entire scene decided to make a documentary about Corporate life on “How Work from home affects employee relationships etc..”

HR managers have taken this into account and decided to come up with Employee orientation programs that encourages employees to come to work once in a year and participate in stress management , Relationship management sessions, etc.. as a part of team building activity.