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“I am unable to find Rajni’s political ambitions, He is beyond my powers” – God

31, May 2017 By manithan

Heaven: Superstar Rajnikanth has brewed a storm by giving signals of his political ambitions in his fans meet recently. While reporters, political pundits and political parties keep guessing his next moves with fingers crossed, our reporting team has gone one step ahead of others, as usual.

Our reporting team got in touch with one late ex-reporter from Bihar via Conjurers. They then used him to contact God in High Heavens to get to know about the Robot star’s political ambitions. Our ghost reporter Ranjan Biswas took all our questions and went directly to Heaven.

Below is the excerpt from the interview between our ghost reporter and God:

Ghost Reporter(GR): Good Day, God!

God (G) (smiles and twirls his mustache): Good day, my Son!

GR: God, do you know about God of most Indians?

G: Well, yes! See, I cannot be there for all you mortals. That’s why I made some Gods across the world. If it is India, it must be Sachin Tendulkar.

GR: Blasphemy!

G: Mind your words, my Son! You cannot charge me of blasphemy, of all worlds!

GR: Sorry, my God! But there is a greater God for Indians – Rajnikanth.

G (gasps): Oh no. It is Blasphemy. What’s up with Him?

GR: Well, there are talks on Earth that he might enter into politics.

G: Oh myself!

GR: What? I thought you would have known it. You are omnipotent and omniscient.

G: But there are certain things which are beyond my power. Let me try to read Rajinikanth’s mind.

God then closed his eyes and meditated for few minutes. He opened his eyes in a panicked mode and was shivering before our Ghost Reporter.

GR: What happened, oh God?

G: When I tried to read Rajini’s mind, he started reading my mind. He even told about my future plans, like appearing on flowers or tree trunks or in sandwiches. I am shell-shocked. Sorry, my son, Rajinikanth is beyond my power. I cannot read his political ambitions.

Saying so, God departed from his seat and went to Re-creation room. Our Ghost Reporter repeated the entire interview to us, which we had reproduced here.