Friday, 27th April, 2018

Unable to bear dress and footwear prices, man uses Anabolic Steroids to accelerate growth of his children

09, Jun 2017 By electroman

A Delhi Man has been caught by the local police after accusing him of child cruelty. His neighbours accused him of child trafficking and lodged a complaint with the police after 3 of his kids went missing and he was found partying with some youngsters. But police came to his house and found 3 full grown men partying with him were actually his kids.

After the enquiry by the police was over, it came to light that he used steroids to speed up his kids growth. People were shocked to learn the reason. The guy couldn’t afford to buy shoes and clothes for his children. Those shit were selling at 5 to 10 times the price of grown up people’s stuff.

He thought out a solution for this problem. He consulted with Narsingh Yadav and arranged for some steroids from his friend circle. He used it to bulk up his kids. Now he can happily buy things for his kids. People who have obese kids are also intrigued on taking up this initiative.

On hearing the plight of these kids Anant Ambani has agreed to donate his old clothes which doesn’t fit him anymore. After using his pants as a cricket pitch cover, remaining cut pieces will be donated to the poor.