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UN to declare India a Global PLeader

02, May 2013 By musafir

India once seen as a Global Leader, realizing it couldn’t become one has quickly skewed itself into becoming a Global Pleader.

From pleading the Chinese to withdraw its incursions to pleading Sri Lanka to stop atrocities on Tamils to pleading Pak to stop infiltration, India has been at its pleading best.

However these countries on the other hand have been so used to such pleadings that they laugh it out over a cup of coffee. In fact, there is a sense of competition brewing between the neighboring countries as to who gets the maximum pleads from India.

Pakistan at this moment seems to be distinctly winning this race by quite some margin with refusal to Sarabhjit’s mercy petition which eventually resulted in his tragic death, being the latest feather in its cap. Even though the plea to get Sarabhjit alive didn’t work, the PM is quite sanguine that India would plead its way into getting back Sarabhjit’s dead body.

A govt. official however defended India’s pleading ways recalling how India had successfully pleaded for onions when its price had sky rocketed and Pak had obliged by hundreds of trucks of rotten onions. He further reminded how India pleaded Italy to give back its sailors convicted for killing Indian fishermen when it had refused to give them back to India after India had allowed the two sailors to go back home and celebrate Easter.

Truly a Global Pleader in every sense, India is fast catching the attention of the entire world including the UN which has decided to acknowledge it by bestowing India with the title of ‘Global PLeader’ which it is believed would be hailed by most countries including the ones which have been vetoing India’s permanent membership in the Security Council.