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UN: 'Mooli parantha' is the most lethal chemical weapon

25, Jul 2014 By simplydimply

Geneva- United nation has issued a list of most lethal weapons of the modern day world and topping the charts in chemical weapons category is none other than the dreaded Mooli parantha. ‘ It is the real scary one, mere mention of it sends shivers down the spine of mortals. Far more lethal and dangerous than the nukes.

Imagine a man with belly full of mooli parantha entering public transport. The condition of his fellow travelers would be more gruesome than a mass massacre. It is equivalent of genocide. And, more so if any of those unfortunate souls have forgotten to bring their handkerchiefs along.

Disgusting sheer digusting. Even the thought of that smell from the crack of the mooli parantha stuffed guy is enough to make anybody puke their guts out. World has never witnessed horror of this scale. Mooli parantha must be banned with immediate effect,’Chief weapons officer(UN)told faking news.

This announcement comes as a major relief to all those who at one or another have been subject to inhale the deadly gases released by mooli parantha guzzlers.