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Umbrellas, helmets salvage souls

18, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

 KANPUR: Recently, a few teachers were seen sitting with opened umbrellas over their heads at the dilapidated primary school building in Birhana Road area here. Now, the block level employees were found wearing helmets at Areraj block-cum-circle office at East Champaran district of Bihar. In both the crucial cases the matter was related to the government departments. At one building the teachers even accepted of immense panic owing to building’s worsening condition while, on another house, unsafe and unfit office runs despite plasters peeling off the ceiling and collapsing on the employees’ head.

Teachers stumbled on safety under the umbrellas and the employees sported helmets for their protection. They are definitely risking their life for life’s sustenance. No alternative arrangements come into view directly in both the instances. However, the students are risking their lives for the attainment of knowledge and employees work amidst imminent danger. Their risk is no less perilous than those poor students crossing the flooded river for the school in another district of the state. Are they giving tributes to the leader who gave us the slogan of Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan? Are their ordeals not noticeable to authorities concerned? Further, several employees have reportedly sustained injuries because of the plaster patches falling from the broken ceiling.

Even the pilgrims coming to offer prayers at the adjacent temple shelter in the office corridor being unaware of the poor structural condition. Still, the Block Development Officer is forced to put on a sturdy helmet in the office. It seems that the government adopts an indifferent attitude towards anomalies persisting 150 kms away from Patna. The UP government also follows similar attitude for the students seeking education in the dilapidated school’s building existing 110 kms away from Lucknow. It is the stark reality of the time. Slackness seemed to have blocked the way for healing or getting better condition for the crumbling structures.