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Two years have gone by since she finished her MBA, still not married. Here is the heartbreaking story of Sunita.

25, May 2015 By Namit Jain

These days mornings doesn’t seem all that happy for Sunita, a 25 year old HR Executive from Bangalore who finished her MBA from Arindam Khera Institute of Management(AKIM) in 2013. Her flatmate got engaged last week and that came as a giant blow not just to the Instagram servers, but her life as well. Its the fifth time in two years, that Sunita will be handling the duties of a bridesmaid for one of her friends.

Wedding photo
Sunita is waiting to get such a picture as her Facebook cover

By now she is used to the routine. Commercial Street, Chikpet, a photograph with the shopping bags, a customary check-in at Mirrors & Within and a bachelorette party which will be practically like any other of their weekend nights. Although, she makes sure that she looks jovial in all the pictures, she is currently going through one of the toughest phases of her life.

Having dumped her boyfriend in the final year of MBA because he got the same CTC as hers, she was sure that within no time she’ll get married to an IIM/XLRI alumni, courtesy the ongoing MBA match-making algorithm. But her parents have been very stringent in terms of marriage expenditure and therefore all the proposals she has got so far have barely surpassed the overall package that her previous boyfriend had to offer(Current Salary, Looks, Family Background, Magnitude of Submissiveness).

She has started feeling left out as most of her female batch mates are currently dating/married/engaged to a guy earning at least thrice their salary and is a pass-out from a college placed 25-50 spots above theirs in rankings.

She keeps watching 27 Dresses again and again, hoping that her soulmate will also appear who’ll be financially stable and desperate enough to fall for her, and she’ll conveniently proclaim to the world that she is in love. Till then, she’ll just have to find solace in the company of her girls and Nicholas Sparks.

She also claims to be a hardcore feminist who believes in equal rights for men and women, and expects her husband who’ll be more qualified, intellectual and will be earning way more than her to treat her as an equal.