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Two Sadhus discussing Vyapam found dead of natural causes: Heart attack due to cyanide poisoning

09, Jul 2015 By sunnyyy

Himalayas: The mystery of Vyapam scam (Lord Voldemort of all scams) did not even spare the Sadhus of Himalayas. It has now reached 5000 meters above the sea level where a handful of Sadhus inhabit who have given up worldly pleasures.

The Sadhus, Chunni Babu and Chunni Lal after having their usual meditation session on Tuesday morning, sat to discuss the hot topics raging in the world over a cup of Chai and Goodday biscuits.

The topics they discussed ranged from the Greece crisis, Sunny Leone, trailer of Bajrangi Bhaijan to the Lalitgate.

Chunni Babu (left) and Chunni Lal (right) discussing Vyapam scam
Chunni Babu (left) and Chunni Lal (right) discussing Vyapam scam

The moment when Chunni Babu was telling Chunni Lal about the last summer when Lalit Modi came to Himalayas and stayed in their peak facing apartment, Chunni Lal spotted something in the newspaper, Himalayan Times and it was the news about he latest victim who died because of Vyapam scam.

When our Faking News reporter Skyped the tea stall owner in the Himalayas who served Chunni Babu and Chunni Lal, he said, “I remember it clearly that those two Sadhus were having a lively discussion about some scam going on in some recruitment body when I served them Chai and biscuits. I had to rush back because Suryavansham was being telecast on Set Max channel and I did not want to miss it for the 78th time. After 30 minutes or so I heard the screams of Chunni Babu.”

He further revealed, “after hearing the scream I hurried towards them because if something happened to them who would pay for the Chai and biscuits. I saw Chunni Babu lying on the ground unconsciously and Chunni Lal complaining of chest pains and he collapsed after a minute.”

In the autopsy report conducted by the other Sadhus, heart failure due to cyanide poisoning was shown as the cause of death for the Chunni Babu and Chunni Lal.

If sources are to be believed, comments are pouring in from MP that death due to cyanide poisoning is pretty common in Himalayas.

We have to inform the readers that our Faking News reporter who Skyped the Tea stall owner and collected all the info and data has disappeared. So be careful and read the post at your own risk.