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Two male electric plugs found in intimate position, convicted under homosexuality law

20, Dec 2013 By Manish Aneja

Delhi: Not only similar taste humans, but electric plugs and sockets, nut and bolts, keys and locks, USB 2.0 & ports, 3.5mm audio jacks, and other feminine-masculine featured devices and components are now days being seen as suspects and convicted under homosexuality law if same gender devices are found in objectionable states, which Supreme court upheld is a crime in India.

Criminals as per the law.
Criminals as per the law.

But in the recent case, where a consignment of electronic items exported by a Chinese manufacturer ‘Ling-Jam Sin’ to an Indian importer and marketer ‘Bijli Shakti’ here in Lajpat Rai market, Delhi were raided. As soon as the consignment reached in the vicinity of infamous electronic market, all the taxation officers-cum-attackers raided the lorry of poor lorry master under the suspicion of Tax, Custom and VAT evasion.

To get noticed among Aam Aadmi for the raid being stamped honestly, officers opened up few consignment boxes in middle of the running road to get more out of the raid. Meanwhile photographers, journalists of leading media channels and local police reached the spot to give cover-fire to custom and tax officers.

Inspection of Chinese goods were done under media cameras where one of the boxes contained only two male Chinese plugs lying-in together, raising the suspicion of being gay, of which a photographer took the sensual pics and aired on TV.

The lorry were raided only to collect small amount of bribe from the lorry master, but unfortunately we had to open the whole consignment due to pressure from media and this case turned out to be more sensitive as far as passion of Indian youth is concerned, an officer told to Faking News journo.

Both Chinese plugs were then booked under the violation of homosexuality law, after they were found in a compromising state. After arrest, two were produced in a local court by Delhi Police, where defence lawyers made a statement after the hearing that

“We respect the ruling of honourable SC but we are hopeful of getting both the electric plugs free on bail, as they only shared the same box after they got packed in China, where sleeping with same gender is not a crime.

But their relationship came to light in India under live media cameras. Both poor plugs attract the punishment for negligence of local ethics only, as they did not pay heed to Indian culture and values and kept themselves in same unified mode”.

Apart from the sensitive case, Tax bribe collectors created more fear and made lorry master to get the legal hold of rest of his Chinese items in return of some Gandhian currency.