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Two girls breakup after one fails to give pic credit to other on Facebook

05, Feb 2014 By chaitu

Two students of Showoff Institute of Duckface and Makeup, Sindhu and Manaswi who were earlier considered BFF(<3) broke up to everyone's surprise after Sindhu failed to give pic credit (PC) of a picture which Manaswi took in the bathroom of a restaurant they visited earlier today. [caption id="attachment_43913" align="alignright" width="250"]Dangerous Disconnecting people[/caption] Manaswi who was very upset had removed Sindhu from her friends list(which is worse than hanging to death). Her FB wall had a status update “One day you will cry for me just like I did, but you would have lost me by that time “and she also shared “Cry” song of Rihanna.

While FN tried to contact a clearly upset Manaswi she said, “I waited for 5 (probably the longest of her life) minutes after she had uploaded her pic on FB. I even commented “Where is my PC darlooo <3 LoL" on it. She liked my comment immediately but she failed to give me PC. I hate her totally. Nobody loves me and I am alone," sobbed Manaswi. While on the other hand when FN tried to contact Sindhu, she said, “I never thought she would be so upset. I‘ve changed the cover picture of my FB to S M(S for Sindhu and M for Manaswi) written with sauce on 2 burgers. I changed my DP to a picture of us together with BFF(<3) written on it and my WhatsApp status is 'Miss u Manu : ((((((((((((((((((((('. What else should I do to prove that I love her?" Apparently Sindhu kept posting on FB for every 5 minutes about how much she missed Manaswi who apparently is not in her friends list and who can't view those posts. Our reporter tried to contact a common friend (Name kept secret because she sounded intelligent and apparently our reporter is stalking her. He doesn’t want any competition). She furiously responded “Those ditches(our reporter had his senses working and censored the word intelligently) started it again. They said they broke up for about 46 times till date. Manaswi’s boyfriend has Lumia 1020 and Sindhu’s boyfriend is good at Photoshop.  They will never break up. Stop wasting your time on that stupid drama and get back to something more important”. After such brilliant suggestion, our reporter Chaitu got back to stalking that girl on FB during office time.