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Two fishes caught spying on Pakistan 'soil'

20, Apr 2017 By Anand J Gowda

As per the latest developments from Islamabad, Two Indian fishes are caught and arrested by Pakistan Navy at International waters for allegedly conspiring against the state and for spying on Pakistan ‘soil’. Both the fishes are taken into Sir Zaid Hamid’s custody and are kept at his world famous ‘Think Tank’ for further interrogation.

Zaid Hamid was found ordering a Rapidex book from to learn fishy language within 30 days. Its the same website where pakistani cricketers buy books to learn English for post match presentation speech.

We are proud to announce that we are the first News agency to break this fishy news almost instantly while it was happening and also we are thankful to Arnab for being away for sometime, so we could achieve this. Else, he would have exposed this News even before the ‘fishes were trained for swimming’.

Our source overheard this news at New delhi border from almost 10kms away from Pakistan, while Zaid Hamid was whispering at his lowest voice about this with his 2 paise friend KRK. We are extremely proud of our resource for his ability to overhear Pakistan’s voice in New Delhi while Kejriwal was listening to ‘Mann ki baat’ with 7.1 Dolby atmos surround sound on his 20 Rs radio.

We tried to contact Indian embassy to get their first reponse on this, but it was found all the calls to embassy office were forwarded to Indian PMO office and we could only listen to the caller tune ‘Mitrooooohn, Bhaiyo or behenoooo, Ek baar jo mai commiment kar di, toh RSS ki bhi nahi sunta’.

So we are closely partnering with Rajveer sardesai, most trusted and most admired news buffoon, oops I mean news tycoon to report us on this issue. We will keep you all updated as soon as he manufacture some breaking at his news factory.